Important Notice for Parents and Teachers!
The  LiteracyCenter.Net is now ReadToday.Net. As many of you know, our website was built using Flash technology. Adobe will discontinue offering the Flash Player on January 1, 2021.
For this reason, we have developed a new integrated system for beginning learners. We hope you will enjoy the new lessons which are now available for mobile and desktop computers.
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Parents and Teachers

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    Small children play with language. This playful learning helps them distinguish between sounds, words, and sentences. Well-designed games can provide small children with a safe place to practice and hear both a first and second language. At the LiteracyCenter.Net, we teach children to read in the same way as we teach them to speak.

    Play and Learn

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    Learning to play a musical instrument or becoming great at sports requires dedication and practice. Learning to read, write, and speak two languages is also a big job for small children. Now, research has proven that children should learn language basics in their first language, first. The LiteracyCenter.Net offers the same lessons in more than one language so your child can be in the driver’s seat.

    Print and Practice

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    Children learn best when they can use all their senses. Hands-on learning is life learning. Building letters out of clay can help build a mental model of each letter. Coloring words and cutting them out is another way to bring words to life. You can plant grass seeds in the shape of letters and numbers. Reading a recipe while cooking a delicious meal is an another excellent way to support reading.